Upskilling: Markdown

After several years in the IT industry, I have finally carved out 60 minutes to learn Markdown. Check out the sample document on GitHub. Want to follow the same tutorial that I used? Check out

100 Days of Python: Days 36-40

Day 36 Reviewed project of the day – a Bloomberg terminal for tracking stock prices and news relevant to the stocks. Reviewed requirements and created app. The app first uses a stock prices API to pull historical price data for a specified stock. The stock then checks if today’s closing

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100 Days of Python: Days 26-30

Day 26 Learned about list comprehensions (creating a new list by executing a function on an existing list New_list = [new_item for item in list] Sequences = lists, ranges, strings and tuples (order matters) List comprehension can iterate over these data types in order to generate the new list. Reviewed

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100 Days of Python: Days 21-25

Day 21 Learned about Class Inheritance. Classes can inherit appearance and behavior from parent classes.  Simply include it in the parentheses of the class call (e.g. class Fish(Animal)) and add super().__init__() to the definition method. If methods of the subclass add to the methods of the superclass, the super().method() must

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100 Days of Python: Days 16-20

Day 16 Began move from Procedural Programming to Object Oriented Programming OOP Splits larger tasks into smaller pieces that can be worked on separately. Used illustration of a restaurant and the division of responsibilities among employees Projects can become more complex with OOP. Classes and Objects Modeling includes determining what

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100 Days of Python: Days 11-15

Day 11 Blackjack Capstone project Successfully completed project Blackjack game. Reviewed Angela Yu’s solution for the project. Observations: Angela’s project was somewhat heavier with its function usage.  She used a function for every major (and repeatable) action in the game (dealing a card, calculating scores, comparing scores).  I used a

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